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Corporate Governance - Contact

Contact the Board

To communicate with the Board of Directors, any individual Director or any group or Committee of the Directors, correspondence should be addressed to the Board of Directors or any such individual Director or group or Committee of Directors by either name or title. Please send a note/letter to:

Aceto Corporation
4 Tri Harbor Court
Port Washington, New York 11050
Attention: Corporate Secretary

All communications will be opened by the Corporate Secretary for the sole purpose of determining whether the contents represent a message to Aceto's Board of Directors. The Corporate Secretary will forward copies of all correspondence that, in the opinion of the Corporate Secretary, deals with the functions of the Board of Directors or its committees or that he or she otherwise determines requires the attention of any member, group or committee of the Board of Directors.

The Corporate Secretary will not forward or respond to junk mail, job inquiries, business solicitations, complaints by users or customers with respect to ordinary course of business customer service, offensive or otherwise inappropriate materials.

Contact the Audit & Risk Committee

Please call the below number to anonymously report complaints about Aceto Corporation's accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters or other concerns to the Audit & Risk Committee. Your complaint will be forwarded to the appropriate person from this anonymous reporting service.

Employees within North America can call the Lighthouse-Services Hotline at 1-800-398-1496. Employees outside of North America can call 1-800-603-2869. Employees may also submit a complaint via the Lighthouse-Services site at http://www.lighthouse-services.com/aceto.