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SEC Filings

ACETO CORP filed this Form DEF 14A on 10/20/2017
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As described above, the Company’s By-laws contain provisions which address the process by which a shareholder may nominate an individual to stand for election to the Board at the Company’s annual meeting of shareholders. The Nominating and Governance Committee will consider and vote on any recommendations so submitted. In considering any person recommended by a shareholder, the committee will look for the same qualifications that it looks for in any other person that is considered for a position on the Board.


Any shareholder nominee recommended by the Nominating and Governance Committee and proposed by the Board for election at the next annual meeting of shareholders will be included in the company's proxy statement for that annual meeting.


Director Resignation Policy


The Company has established a “Director Resignation Policy”, which addresses the situation in which a nominee for election to the Company’s Board fails to receive a majority of the votes cast by the shareholders of the Company in an uncontested election of directors. An “uncontested election of directors” is any election of directors by the shareholders of the Company in which the number of nominees for election does not exceed the number of directors to be elected. Pursuant to our Director Resignation Policy, if, in any uncontested election, a nominee receives less than a majority of the votes cast by the shareholders of the Company, such nominee is required to promptly tender his or her written resignation from the Board to the Secretary of the Company. The Board will then determine whether to accept or reject the resignation. The Director Resignation Policy is published on the Company’s corporate website –


Compensation Committee


The Compensation Committee is currently comprised of Natasha Giordano (Chairperson), Hans C. Noetzli, and Dr. Daniel B. Yarosh each of whom is an “independent director” based on the definition of independence in Listing Rule 5605(a)(2) of The NASDAQ Stock Market. The Compensation Committee conducts reviews of the compensation of the directors, Chief Executive Officer and other senior executive officers of the Company including evaluating and making recommendations to the Board concerning those officers’ benefits, bonus, incentive compensation, severance, equity-based compensation, and other forms of compensation provided by the Company. The Compensation Committee meets as it determines, but not less frequently than annually. The Compensation Committee may delegate a portion of its authority to a subcommittee or subcommittees. The Compensation Committee has the exclusive authority to retain any compensation consultants to be used to assist the committee in the evaluation and determination of the Company’s compensation for its Chief Executive Officer, other senior executive officers and directors. As noted above, Mr. Noetzli will not be standing for re-election.


The Compensation Committee operates under a formal charter that governs its duties and conduct and reviews the charter not less than every two years. The charter is published on the Company’s corporate website –


Compensation Consultant Role


Our Compensation Committee engaged Frederic W. Cook & Co. Inc. (FW Cook), an executive compensation consulting firm, during the fiscal year ended June 30, 2017 to conduct compensation benchmarking for our executive officers, as well as Board compensation analysis and a review of competitive severance opportunities. In addition, the Compensation Committee utilized FW Cook to review our peer group composition. Our Compensation Committee directed FW Cook to provide it with the benefits of its industry experience after taking into account the specific needs and positioning of our Company. The Compensation Committee intends to continue to engage a compensation consulting firm to perform executive and director compensation studies as needed.


While FW Cook provided data and advice regarding our compensation practices, our Compensation Committee exercises autonomy when formulating and presenting recommendations to our Board regarding our compensation practices for our named executive officers and Board of Directors. Our Compensation Committee has assessed FW Cook’s independence pursuant to applicable SEC rules and concluded that no conflict of interest exists that would prevent FW Cook from independently advising the Compensation Committee.


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