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SEC Filings

ACETO CORP filed this Form 8-K/A on 10/17/2017
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(c)           Documents, Records, Etc. All documents, records, data, equipment and other physical property, whether or not pertaining to Confidential Information, which are furnished to the Executive by Aceto or are produced by the Executive in connection with the Executive’s services will be and remain the sole property of Aceto. The Executive will return to Aceto all such materials and property promptly upon the termination of the Executive’s employment or sooner if requested by Aceto.


(d)           Assignment of Rights. The Executive shall make full and prompt disclosure to the Company of any and all designs, intellectual property, software, inventions, discoveries, or improvements (individually and collectively, “Inventions”) made by the Executive as a result or product of his employment relationship with the Company. The Executive hereby assigns to the Company without additional compensation the entire worldwide right, title and interest in and to such Inventions, and related intellectual property rights and without limitation all copyrights, copyright renewals or reversions, trademarks, trade names, trade dress rights, industrial design, industrial model, inventions, priority rights, patent rights, patent applications, patents, design patents and any other rights or protections in connection therewith or related thereto, for exploitation in any form or medium, of any kind or nature whatsoever, whether now known or hereafter devised. To the extent that any work created by the Executive during the Term can be a work for hire pursuant to applicable law, the parties deem such work a work for hire and the Company shall be considered the author thereof. The Executive shall, at the request of the Company, without additional compensation from time to time execute, acknowledge and deliver to the Company such instruments and documents as the Company may require to perfect, transfer and vest in the Company the entire right, title and interest in and to such inventions. In the event that the Executive does not timely perform such obligations, the Executive hereby makes the Company and its officers his attorney-in-fact and gives them the power of attorney to perform such obligations and to execute such documents on the Executive’s behalf. The Executive shall cooperate with the Company upon the Company’s request and at the Company’s cost but without additional compensation in the preparation and prosecution of patent, trademark, industrial design and model, and copyright applications worldwide for protection of rights to any Inventions.


(e)           Non-Competition. In consideration of the enhanced severance protections and other consideration provided to the Executive pursuant to this Agreement, during the Restricted Period (as defined below), the Executive shall not, directly or indirectly, either for himself or any other person, own, manage, control, materially participate in, invest in, loan money to, permit his name to be used by, act as consultant or advisor to, be employed by, render services for (alone or in association with any person, firm, corporation or other business organization) or otherwise assist in any manner any business which is a competitor of or is in the same or substantially similar line of business as a portion of the Company’s business or of the business of any subsidiary of the Company (collectively, a “Competitor”). Notwithstanding the forgoing, nothing herein shall prohibit the Executive from being a passive owner of not more than five percent (5%) of the equity securities of a Competitor that is publicly traded, so long as he has no active participation in the business of such Competitor. For purposes hereof, the term “Restricted Period” means the period commencing with the Effective Date and ending, unless tolled in accordance with this Section 9, on the date which is twelve (12) months after the date of termination (for any reason) of the Executive’s employment with the Company.


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