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SEC Filings

ACETO CORP filed this Form 8-K/A on 10/17/2017
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(ii)           Notwithstanding anything set forth in this Release to the contrary, nothing in this Release shall affect or be used to interfere with Executive’s protected right to test in any court, under the OWBPA, or like statute or regulation, the validity of the waiver of rights under ADEA set forth in this Release.


8.           Should any provision hereof be invalid or otherwise unenforceable under any law, such provision affected will be curtailed and limited to the extent necessary to bring it within the requirements of such law, and the remaining provisions of this Release will remain in full force and effect and be fully valid and enforceable.


9.           The Executive is hereby advised and encouraged by the Company to consult with his own independent counsel before signing this Release. The Executive represents and agrees (i) that the Executive has, to the extent he desires, discussed all aspects of this Release with his attorney, (ii) that the Executive has carefully read and fully understands all of the provisions of this Release and (iii) that the Executive is voluntarily entering into this Release.


10.         This Release shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of New York, without giving effect to the conflict of laws principles thereof.


This Release is executed as of the ____ day of ____________, 20__. 






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