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SEC Filings

ACETO CORP filed this Form 10-K/A on 11/09/2017
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Our information technology systems could fail to perform adequately or we may fail to adequately protect such information technology systems against data corruption, cyber-based attacks, or network security breaches.


We rely on information technology networks and systems, including the Internet, to process, transmit, and store electronic information. In particular, we depend on our information technology infrastructure to effectively manage its business data, supply chain, logistics, accounting, and other business processes and electronic communications between our personnel and our customers and suppliers. If we do not allocate and effectively manage the resources necessary to build and sustain an appropriate technology infrastructure, our business, financial condition, operating results and cash flows therefore could be materially adversely affected. In addition, security breaches or system failures of this infrastructure can create system disruptions, shutdowns, or unauthorized disclosure of confidential information. If we are unable to prevent such breaches or failures, our operations could be disrupted, or we may suffer financial damage or loss because of lost or misappropriated information.


Our business may be adversely affected if we encounter complications in connection with the upgrade and implementation of our enterprise resource planning (“ERP”) system, our information technology systems and infrastructure. Upgrading and integrating our business systems could result in implementation issues and business disruptions.


In recent years, we have implemented or planned implementations of a new ERP system at all of our global locations. We also are planning to implement a new ERP system at our Rising subsidiary, which would include recently acquired assets during fiscal 2017. In general, the process of planning and preparing for these types of implementations is extremely complex and we are required to address a number of challenges including data conversion, system cutover and user training. Problems in any of these areas could cause operational problems during implementation including delayed shipments, missed sales, billing and accounting errors and other operational issues. While we have invested significantly in the operation and protection of data and information technology, there can be no assurance that our efforts will prevent service interruptions, or identify breaches in our systems. Prolonged interruptions or significant breaches could materially adversely affect our business, financial condition, operating results and cash flows.


Our potential liability arising from our commitment to indemnify our directors, officers and employees could materially adversely affect our business, financial condition, operating results and cash flows.


We have committed in our bylaws to indemnify our directors, officers and employees against the reasonable expenses incurred by these persons in connection with any action brought against them in such capacity, except in matters as to which they are adjudged to have breached a duty to us. The maximum potential amount of future payments we could be required to make under this provision is unlimited. While we have ”directors and officers” insurance policies that should cover all or some of this potential exposure, we could be adversely affected if we are required to pay damages or incur legal costs in connection with a claim above our insurance limits.


Our business could be materially adversely affected by terrorist activities.


Our business depends on the free flow of products and services through the channels of commerce worldwide. Instability due to military, terrorist, political and economic actions in other countries could materially disrupt our overseas operations and export sales. In fiscal years 2017 and 2016, approximately 27% and 32%, respectively of our revenues were attributable to operations conducted abroad and to sales generated from the United States to foreign countries. In addition, in fiscal year 2017, approximately 62% and 17% of our purchases came from Asia and Europe, respectively. In addition, in certain countries where we currently operate or export, intend to operate or export, or intend to expand our operations, we could be subject to other political, military and economic uncertainties, including, among other things, labor unrest, restrictions on transfers of funds and unexpected changes in regulatory environments.


We rely heavily on key executives for our financial performance.


Our financial performance is highly dependent upon the efforts and abilities of our key executives. The loss of the services of any of our key executives could therefore have a material adverse effect upon our financial position and operating results. We do not maintain “key-man” insurance on any of our key executives.


Shortage of qualified and technical personnel in a competitive marketplace may prevent us from growing our business.


We may be unable to hire or retain qualified and technical employees and there is substantial competition for highly skilled employees. If we fail to attract and retain key employees, our business could be adversely impacted.


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