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SEC Filings

ACETO CORP filed this Form 10-K/A on 11/09/2017
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In our opinion, because of the effect of the material weakness identified above, the Company did not maintain effective internal control over financial reporting as of June 30, 2017, based on the criteria established in Internal Control - Integrated Framework (2013) issued by the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission.


We do not express an opinion or any other form of assurance on Management's statements referring to any corrective actions taken by the Company after the date of Management's assessment.


We also have audited, in accordance with the standards of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (United States), the consolidated balance sheets of Aceto Corporation and subsidiaries as of June 30, 2017 and 2016, and the related consolidated statements of income, comprehensive income, stockholders' equity, and cash flows for each of the three years in the period ended June 30, 2017 and our report dated August 25, 2017, except for Note 2 which is dated November 9, 2017, expressed an unqualified opinion thereon.


/s/ BDO USA, LLP  
Melville, New York  
August 25, 2017 (Except as to the effect of the material weakness which is November 9, 2017)


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