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ACETO CORP filed this Form 10-K/A on 11/09/2017
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Aceto supplies the raw materials used in the production of nutritional and packaged dietary supplements, including vitamins, amino acids, iron compounds and biochemicals used in pharmaceutical and nutritional preparations.


Pharmaceutical Ingredients


The Pharmaceutical Ingredients segment has two product groups: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Pharmaceutical Intermediates.


We supply APIs to many of the major generic drug companies, who we believe view Aceto as a valued partner in their effort to develop and market generic drugs. The process of introducing a new API from pipeline to market spans a number of years and begins with Aceto partnering with a generic pharmaceutical manufacturer and jointly selecting an API, several years before the expiration of a composition of matter patent, for future genericizing. We then identify the appropriate supplier, and concurrently utilizing our global technical network, work to ensure they meet standards of quality to comply with regulations. Our client, the generic pharmaceutical company, will submit the ANDA for U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) approval or European-equivalent approval. The introduction of the API to market occurs after all the development testing has been completed and the ANDA or European-equivalent is approved and the patent expires or is deemed invalid. Aceto, at all times, has a pipeline of APIs at various stages of development both in the United States and Europe. Additionally, as the pressure to lower the overall cost of healthcare increases, Aceto has focused on, and works very closely with our customers to develop new API opportunities to provide alternative, more economical, second-source options for existing generic drugs. By leveraging our worldwide sourcing, regulatory and quality assurance capabilities, we provide to generic drug manufacturers an alternative, economical source for existing API products.


Aceto has long been a supplier of pharmaceutical intermediates, the complex chemical compounds that are the building blocks used in producing APIs. These are the critical components of all drugs, whether they are already on the market or currently undergoing clinical trials. Faced with significant economic pressures as well as ever-increasing regulatory barriers, the innovative drug companies look to Aceto as a source for high quality intermediates.


Aceto employs, on occasion, the same second source strategy for our pharmaceutical intermediates business that we use in our API business. Historically, pharmaceutical manufacturers have had one source for the intermediates needed to produce their products. Utilizing our global sourcing, regulatory support and quality assurance network, Aceto works with the large, global pharmaceutical companies, sourcing lower cost, quality pharmaceutical intermediates that will meet the same high level standards that their current commercial products adhere to.


According to a QuintilesIMS press release on December 6, 2016, “total spending on medicines is forecast to reach $1.5 trillion by 2021, up 33 percent from 2016 levels, even as annual growth moderates from the record pace set in 2014 and 2015, according to new research released by the QuintilesIMS Institute. While historically large numbers of high-quality new medicines will emerge from the R&D pipeline in the next five years, pricing and market access pressures, lower volume growth in pharmerging markets and greater savings from patent expiries will contribute to the lower rate of growth. The report, Outlook for Global Medicines Through 2021: Balancing Cost and Value, found that medicine spending will grow at a 4-7 percent compound annual rate during the next five years, down from the nearly 9 percent growth level seen in 2014 and 2015. The total global spend for pharmaceuticals through 2021 will increase by $367 billion on a constant-dollar basis. Spending is measured at the ex-manufacturer level before adjusting for rebates, discounts, taxes and other adjustments that affect net sales received by manufacturers. The impact of these factors is estimated to reduce growth by $127 billion, or approximately 35 percent of the growth forecast through 2021.”


Performance Chemicals


The Performance Chemicals segment includes specialty chemicals and agricultural protection products.


Aceto is a major supplier to many different industrial segments providing chemicals used in the manufacture of plastics, surface coatings, cosmetics and personal care, textiles, fuels and lubricants. The paint and coatings industry produces products that bring color, texture, and protection to houses, furniture, packaging, paper, and durable goods. Many of today's coatings are eco-friendly, by allowing inks and coatings to be cured by ultraviolet light instead of solvents, or allowing power coatings to be cured without solvents. These growing technologies are critical in protecting and enhancing the world's ecology and Aceto is focused on supplying the specialty additives that make modern coating techniques possible.


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