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SEC Filings

ACETO CORP filed this Form 10-K/A on 11/09/2017
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The Company operates in a highly competitive business environment. We compete by offering high-quality products produced around the world by both large and small manufacturers at attractive prices. Because of our long standing relationships with many suppliers as well as our sourcing operations in both China and India, we are able to ensure that any given product is manufactured at a facility that can meet the regulatory requirements for that product. For the most part, we store our inventory of chemical-based products in public warehouses strategically located throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia, and we can therefore fill our customer orders on a timely basis. We have developed ready access to key purchasing, research, and technical executives of our customers and suppliers. This allows us to ensure that when necessary, sourcing decisions can be made quickly. We will also continue to search for new products, as well as for new sources for products where we feel our existing sources have lapsed in either product or delivery quality, and/or have failed to meet the needs of our customers or markets.


Environmental and Regulatory


We are subject to extensive regulation by federal, state and local agencies in the countries in which we do business. Of particular importance is the FDA in the U.S. It has jurisdiction over testing, safety, effectiveness, manufacturing, labeling, marketing, advertising and post-marketing surveillance of our Human Health products.


Certain of our products involve the use, storage and transportation of toxic and hazardous materials. The Company's operations are subject to extensive laws and regulations relating to the storage, handling, transportation and discharge of materials into the environment and the maintenance of safe working conditions. We have designed safety procedures to comply with the standards prescribed by federal, state and local regulations. We promote the use of environmentally friendly recyclable packaging by our suppliers. We endeavor to meet our customers' packaging requirements. We only use warehouses and carriers approved to handle chemicals and that have appropriate permits and licenses. We will endeavor to ensure that each package of each shipment has correct labels and supplier lot numbers, and is in compliance with safety and environmental laws.


Our global quality assurance network, with regional managers in the U.S., Europe and Asia, seeks to ensure that the quality of a product meets both its specifications and intended use. Our technical network performs a service that allows Aceto to source and qualify APIs, pharmaceutical intermediates, finished dosage form generics, agricultural products, specialty chemicals, and nutraceutical products from around the world. It also provides substantial regulatory support and technical assistance to manufacturers worldwide, enabling them to meet the stringent regulatory guidelines that govern the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, specialty chemicals and agricultural protection industries.


A subsidiary of the Company markets certain agricultural protection products which are subject to the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). FIFRA requires that test data be provided to the EPA to register, obtain and maintain approved labels for pesticide products. The EPA requires that follow-on registrants of these products compensate the initial registrant for the cost of producing the necessary test data on a basis prescribed in the FIFRA regulations. Follow-on registrants do not themselves generate or contract for the data. However, when FIFRA requirements mandate that new test data be generated to enable all registrants to continue marketing a pesticide product, often both the initial and follow-on registrants establish a task force to jointly undertake the testing effort. The Company is presently a member of several such task force groups, which requires payments for such memberships.


In connection with the 2016 acquisition of certain products and related assets by Aceto from Lucid, the government contracting business of Citron, Aceto acquired through the government’s novation process Lucid’s government contracts.  The U.S. government has advised Lucid that it is reviewing whether Lucid’s supply of certain products under its government contracts complied with the contracts’ country-of-origin clauses as mandated by the federal Trade Agreements Act (“TAA”).  Aceto is not named in this matter.  If the products are found to not have complied with the country-of-origin clauses, then the government could exercise remedies, including termination of one or more of the subject contracts or other statutory damages.  By virtue of Aceto’s assumption of these contracts, Aceto could be liable for some of these damages.  Aceto is entitled to indemnification under the terms of the product purchase agreement governing that transaction from the sellers for damages it may suffer as a result.  In order to protect its position and without commenting on the merits of the U.S. government’s claim, Aceto has submitted an indemnification claim to the sellers under the product purchase agreement, covering damages that Aceto may suffer as a result of this matter. Aceto has offset rights under the product purchase agreement with respect to future payment obligations that, in Aceto’s view, substantially exceed any damages that Aceto may suffer as a result of this matter.


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